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Hi! i’m erika ashley.

I’m 50% Elle Woods, 50% Wednesday Addams and 100% Slytherin. I’m obsessed with highlighter, anything that has the word “dewy” in it, and personal development.

I spent four years helping thousands of women around the world to create the reality they’d been dreaming of… from going viral in major media, to quitting their jobs and running thriving million-dollar businesses, to free Louis Vuitton handbags, to having $20k of debt forgiven… the transformations were endless.

But the truth is that while I was helping everyone else, I was hiding a deep, dark secret: For five years, I had been binge eating and I didn’t know how to stop. I was the master of helping clients to turn their lives around… but mine was a mess.I was sitting in a doctor’s office when I decided that enough was enough - I started using the same tools that were helping my clients create incredible lives to shift my relationship with food and deal with the trauma that had been holding me back for years.

The result? I ended my binge and emotional overeating cycle, have shed 40 pounds (and counting), started eating in a way that supports me, and drastically shifted my life. I knew that this was my life’s work - to bring this to other women around the world who were also struggling with trauma manifesting as disordered eating and extra weight. To show them that you can start anywhere on your journey - yes, even morbidly obese with multiple chronic illnesses - and make a change, reclaim your health, and most importantly… reclaim your power to live a glowing, radiant life.


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