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let's uncover the hidden gems in your energetic blueprint together.

I remember when I first heard about Human Design five years ago, it was like I was cracked wide open and suddenly, so much about who I was and what I was struggling with in my life fell into place. All the things that others had judged me for were actually the best parts about me.

Human Design set me free. And I want it to do the same for you.

This session is a blend of in-depth Human Design reading in an area of your choice with my signature Energetic Acceleration™ Activation. You'll leave with a clear understanding of your energetic blueprint, how you're meant to move through the world, and we'll identify immediate priorities to get you aligned and living in accordance with your design.

One of my gifts is being able to tap into your energy, so I'll see what's up, but each session is designed specifically for you

Some areas we can focus on together:

  • Career/business, money, relationships, energy/stamina, your personal schedule/avoiding burnout, family dynamics

Praise from happy clients

Kierra Jones


"I had a Human Design reading with Erika because, as I get to the next level in my business of hitting 5 figure months & doing it consistently, I've been having some epiphanies about the type of women I want to work with & I wanted to know if I was on the right track with my gift & messaging.

It ended up being a much more robust conversation than I thought!

Ever since our call last week, I've changed up my schedule, expanded my team, and more. I created a brand new high end package I just can't stop thinking about & so excited for.

It was an amazing session with clarity, a sprinkle of strategy on how to move forward with this new found info, & best use my gifts in my life AND business.

Thank you so much Erika! I've even been communicating better based on my human design which makes me feel even more aligned."

Daniele Driusso


"I had the most amazing Human Design and energy clearing session with Erika last week. I am totally new to all this stuff, and she was so incredible at explaining everything so I felt extremely comfortable (even what I might of been feeling as she was clearing the energy).

Honestly, I didn't even know what to expect, but I was shocked that I could actually FEEL my energy being cleared on my end in my chest, and my throat. Erika was so kind to also answer any questions I had at the end (as I was SO curious about everything), and was so good at making me feel comfortable on my end, as a newbie to all this.

And, uhhhh, ever since my session with Erika, my boundaries have gotten tight AF. SCARY SHIT - but feels SO freaking GOOD to this recovering people pleaser. I'm now doing what I WANT, asking for what I DESIRE, and doing epic shit that feels AMAZING.

I am so thankful I was able to work with her and I would highly recommend working with her in any capacity if you can, she is honestly the bomb dot com! 

Xo Thanks Erika!! (Ps. this is only from ONE session. Like one. That's it.)"


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*Support beyond the session is available and starts at $1000 USD/month.