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Erika Ashley is an award-winning modern mystic, human design guide, and energy healer for women around the world.

Her work with women has been featured by TEDx and in Forbes, Nylon, Entrepreneur, Brit + Co, aplus, Huffpost, Thrive Global, and more.

Born and raised in Montreal to a family of intuitives hailing from the Açores, Erika has forged her own global practice that merges contemporary science and psychology with esoteric wisdom. She’s on a mission to help millennial women get back to the true selves they were designed to live as without shame, guilt, or judgment. Erika believes that you can have the life you want now… hours of meditation not required!

A certified hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, and success coach, she’s been invited to speak and share her wisdom on four continents. She’s developed her own form of energy healing, Energetic Acceleration™, a unique blend energy work, Human Design, and brain science makes space for getting everything you want… quickly. Using this method, Erika’s clients have turned their yearly income into their monthly and daily incomes, manifested free luxury designer items, been on trips with major brands, gotten into major media, and received out of the blue large cash gifts. She has worked with celebrities, influencers, entrepreneurs, and executives of Fortune 500 companies.

Erika’s podcast, Third Eyeroll, merges science and spirituality with sass. Every week, she chats with influencers, thought leaders, and global gamechangers about the triumphs and tribulations of their material and metaphysical success. It’s all about balance, and Erika’s Metaphysicelle Mitzvahs and fav. high vibe products will help you have it all - meditation and mimosas, Buddha and Balenciaga, while making sure that even your third eye is GLAM AF with a full smokey eye and fake lash.  

EriKA is available for commentary on:

-Human Design
-Women in business
-New age and metaphysical practices
-Personal development and mindset
-Living with a chronic illness (Erika has Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis)
-LGBTQ+ issues (Erika is a cis-gender bisexual woman)

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